Jorge Moll’s Views on the Impact of Technology on Medicine

Jorge Moll Neto works at the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching as the president. In an article published on Veja Rio on May 26, 2017, he talks about how technology can be used to advance medicine leading to significant improvement in the patient care and treatment ( Technology and innovation have been embraced in the healthcare industry in recent years.


Lessons from American Hospitals


Just as technology has brought a significant impact on the digital communication industry, so is it expected to impact the healthcare sector. It’s because of this that Dr. Albert Chan, the vice president of the Sutter Health’s department dealing with innovation touching on patient experience has visited Brazil. Sutter Health is one of America’s most extensive healthcare networks.


How Technology Can Be Used in the Healthcare Sector


While in Brazil, Dr. Chan is discussing the various technological innovations and how they can be used in the healthcare sector. Besides, he has demonstrated how technology can be used to enhance the way a patient is welcomed to a health facility and attended. Innovations such as Google Glass can be used to improve the interaction between a doctor and his patient, as it can be used to retrieve all the relevant information.


Benefits of Incorporating Technology in Health Care


The use of technology when providing healthcare services can enhance the interaction and exchange of information between a doctor and a patient. Moreover, the doctor can have a total concentration of the patient as there is no need to go through files or even take notes. Also, technology provides a higher safety when it comes to medical evaluation.


Smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity in the medical field. The various applications used on these devices have enhanced the accessibility of the patient’s history (LinkedIn). This has made it easier for specialists to review patients and improve the patient’s experience. The interaction between a doctor and a patient is now possible without physical contact.


The Impact of Collaborating with American Hospitals


Jorge Moll believes such initiates are essential for the Brazilian health sector, both now and in the future. The different players in the health sector such as hospital networks and venture capitalists should work together to enhance the penetration of technology in the industry.