OSI Group and its Leadership

OSI Group has its global headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The organization has several plants across the United States as well as across the world. Altogether, the OSI Group has more than 65 facilities within 17 nations. The company manufactures such popular foods within its facilities as meat patties, prepared meats, bacon, sausages, frozen dough, bacon as well as various chicken products. The organization serves several fast food chains including grocery stores across the world. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the company with David McDonald as its chief operating officer and its president.

Sheldon Lavin has worked for OSI Group for many decades. He began working with the organization by then called Otto & Sons in 1970. At this time, he helped the organization to obtain a loan that it was seeking to enlarge its services. He joined the organization as a consultant and later grew to his current position. The organization flourished and grew under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Because of his excellent leadership, Sheldon was awarded a global visionary award as well as the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award.

When it comes to David McDonald, he has been serving the company for the last 30 years. He came to the company in 1987 immediately after finishing his degree studies from Iowa State University. David was also serving the North American Meat Institute as its chairman while working with OSI Group. He still works with North American Meat Institute as a member of its board of directors. When it comes to the meat industry, McDonald has broad experience.

With McDonald and Lavin in the management, the company has been recognized with prestigious awards such as International Safety Award that was awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK in 2017. The UK facility has received this award several times since 2006. The facility was recognized for its safety and health management.

OSI Group just enlarged its Spain facility with a new production line meant to improve the production of chicken products. The company realized that demand in Spain and Portugal for the chicken products is on the rise and they had to come up with a mechanism to cater for it. The new project that came to an end in 2017 has enabled the Spain plant to produce double the amount of chicken products it has been offering. In addition to this, the facility received some other improvements including security apparatus.

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