Rocketship education refers to the national network consisting of well-performing elementary schools. Rocketship was first established in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith in California.

During the first years, students scored performed very well that is in the Flagship school. This was a really good initiative for students from low-income families.

Rocketship was very effective and affordable, it required low investment and as result, many students were enrolled.

Additionally, the benefits of this innovative alternative led to the opening of more charter schools in the San Jose area within the next five years. In 2013, another school was opened outside California, particularly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Later on, other schools were opened in Nashville, Tennessee and then in Washington, D.C, where the K-5 schools also offer preschool education services through a partnership with the Apple Tree Institute.

Most of the Rocketship facilities received financial support from the famous former tennis player Andre Agassi’. He helped in opening the Rocketship Rise Academy based in Washington D.C specifically in the District of Columbia. He went farther to dedicate the Rocketship United Academy located in Nashville.

In 2015, the CEO of Netflix donated funds to Rocketship to help in supporting the development of its Bay Area. Other funds were donated by the former President Barrack Obama administration in Rocketship growth. Later in 2017, the education department gave the Rocketship grants to support the charter management association in building new schools.

Later in 2017, Rocketship education went on and changed its name to Rocketship Public schools. Rocketship uses three learning methods, mainly individual online learning technique as well as teaching in the classrooms and tutoring of students in small groups.

Rocketship has works with Team America which are a non-profit organization that helps in getting jobs for college graduates.

Its main focus is usually educating students from humble backgrounds to help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Moreover, it enrolls students whose main aim is to learn English. Rocketship also launched a program known as Queen Hype, which concentrates on empowering girls communication skills.