Robert Ivy Believes In The Work Of Professional Societies.

Robert Ivy is one of the leading minds in the world of architecture. As a decorated professional with years of service in the sector, Ivy has made himself one of the respected voices for aspiring architects to pay mind to. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects which is a professional society dedicated to helping professionals in the industry in a wide variety of ways. Today, we are going to be discussing the benefits that a professional society can offer as well as the way that Ivy himself is seeking to change the state of the industry. Visit

Let’s start our discussion by focusing on what a professional society is and what it is not. A professional society may sound, on the surface at least, like some sort of trade organization or professional union. This simply isn’t the case. Instead, societies like the American Institute of Architects are focused on providing value and benefits to their membership which typically is comprised of people all working toward similar goals in a similar industry. Today we are talking about Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects, but other industries have their own professional societies to pay attention to.

Knowing what a professional society is in a foundational way helps, but we also need to know what benefits are actually being offered. According to Robert Ivy, one of the most important benefits offered by societies like the AIA is the fact that the AIA offers a unified lobbying voice for the profession. While pharmaceutical companies and oil companies have lobbyists willing to fight for legislative benefits, the same just isn’t true for the field of architecture. Ivy admits that the AIA helps to give architects a unified voice on certain issues and, as a result, they get to operate like an ‘advocacy organization’. Read more on

Additionally, some professional societies are considered stellar additions to your resume. Some organizations find professional societies to be a huge beneficial credential to have behind your name. Of course, the networking and data analytics that come with societies like the American Institute of Architects also helps but credibility is a neat added benefit.

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