Gareth Henry is a Businessman That has Worked Around the Globe

Gareth Henry has spent much of his life working in the financial industry so far and he has been very successful in doing so. In 2001, Gareth graduated from Heriot-Watt University with highest honors in statistics and actuarial mathematics. Following his graduation, Gareth found a position in the UK at the Institute of Actuaries. He also found a similar position at the Society of Actuaries which is located in the United States as well. In just four years, Gareth Henry had an opportunity to work at Schroders in London, England as the Director of Strategic Solutions, which is a leading global financial company.

Gareth joined up with the team at Fortress Investment Group in the middle of 2007, an alternative investment company in New York City that specializes in corporate debt and equity. To start out, Gareth was placed as the companies head of international relations for investors, working out of the company’s office in London. By 2013, Gareth was appointed as the head of global investor relations at Fortress Investment Group, though he moved on to the Fortress Liquid Markets department in 2014. To know more about him click here.

Today, Gareth Henry lives in the United States, in New York specifically, which is a move he made to take up a position at Angelo Gordon. At Angelo, Gareth is doing the same kind of work he did at Fortress Investment Group, overseeing international relations for hundreds of different investors. Angelo Gordon has a varied client portfolio and focuses on alternative investment strategy and management on the global scale. Lawrence Schloss, the former president at Angelo Gordon, stated that Gareth was a perfect fit for the company and he was hired as the CEO because of his valuable reputation and leadership skills. Gareth Henry has always been able to make good returns on investments, making him an excellent choice to improve return rates at Angelo Gordon.

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