Paul Mampilly on the Future of Blockchain Technology

As an investor, Paul Mampilly is familiar with many investment technologies and platforms. However, the world of cryptocurrencies is relatively new to him. In the past one month, he decided to study the disruptive world of bitcoins technology objectively by actually buying the currency. He, however, makes a disclaimer that his loyal readers should not interpret his study as a recommendation for investment. Furthermore, this was Paul Mampilly first time to give bitcoins a thought. Through his articles, he has been consistently warned his readers about the uncertainty world of the currency. The primary purpose was not to sanitize bitcoins as an alternative to investment but to study the technology-blockchain objectively.

He compares the transaction with the typical purchase of shares. Unlike shares, the blockchain is relatively faster, and this came as a surprise to the investment guru. Mampilly points out that the technology is fast and the investor investing in the technology do not have to wait the three days shares investors expect. He explains the reason for the delay of the traditional stock market is primarily bureaucratic. Paul Mampilly is hopeful that the future of the finance world will benefit immensely from the blockchain technology. The fast speed of closing deals and the security involved will influence the future of the stock market, the securities market and even in real estate. The technology according to him challenges the current security measures and the pace of transactions. He also believes that the technology can be helpful in solving issues such as verifiable voting and identification.

Through his Twitter account, Paul Mampilly has been consistent in evaluating different technologies and how the techniques are vital for the next dispensation. He has extensively discussed over the past one week the impact of technologies. Some of the advancement includes robots, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He also explores ways in which an investor can benefit from these advancements. He is one of the most experienced financial gurus, both on advisory and on practice. In his new position as an author, he has been of great assistance to many readers on how to capitalize on the merging and the existing markets.

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