Meet Nick Vertucci, the innovative mind behind NV Real Estate Academy.

Nick Vertucci is a well-known figure in the real estate business. He founded his company, Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. in 2014. The company, through its Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academies, impart knowledge to people on how to go about the real estate investment. It also teaches potential investors how to rehabilitate rented or owned homes, identify the right property and, how to dispose of them at a profit.

The training experience equips the beneficiaries with the necessary skills to weather possible turbulence along the business path. The professional team at the academy offers specific skills on networking, which is valuable to any investor. Nick is the Chief Executive Officer of NVREA. He operates his cooperate office in California.

Nick is a living proof that success is a journey, not a single event. The road to success, he says, is full of challenges. However, these challenges should not make break a person’s will to go on. According to him, the difficulties in life offer the best chance to rearrange one’s goals in life. Nick uses his own experiences in life to mentor others. His first business venture collapsed when he was barely 20. Its collapse left him downcast, riddled in massive debts, bankrupt and court cases to answer. It is until he joined a real estate academy that his life turned around. Today, he has made it big in the real estate industry in the US.

Most people who meet Nick through the NV academies leave the classes as a changed lot. The trainers are passionate and willing to share their experience in the real estate business. They hail NVREA as the Academy of choice to anybody interested in trying out the real estate business. Nick, together with his expert team of trainers, provides vital support even after training. Almost all beneficiaries of the training are now making good money in selling houses.

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