Rocketship education refers to the national network consisting of well-performing elementary schools. Rocketship was first established in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith in California.

During the first years, students scored performed very well that is in the Flagship school. This was a really good initiative for students from low-income families.

Rocketship was very effective and affordable, it required low investment and as result, many students were enrolled.

Additionally, the benefits of this innovative alternative led to the opening of more charter schools in the San Jose area within the next five years. In 2013, another school was opened outside California, particularly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Later on, other schools were opened in Nashville, Tennessee and then in Washington, D.C, where the K-5 schools also offer preschool education services through a partnership with the Apple Tree Institute.

Most of the Rocketship facilities received financial support from the famous former tennis player Andre Agassi’. He helped in opening the Rocketship Rise Academy based in Washington D.C specifically in the District of Columbia. He went farther to dedicate the Rocketship United Academy located in Nashville.

In 2015, the CEO of Netflix donated funds to Rocketship to help in supporting the development of its Bay Area. Other funds were donated by the former President Barrack Obama administration in Rocketship growth. Later in 2017, the education department gave the Rocketship grants to support the charter management association in building new schools.

Later in 2017, Rocketship education went on and changed its name to Rocketship Public schools. Rocketship uses three learning methods, mainly individual online learning technique as well as teaching in the classrooms and tutoring of students in small groups.

Rocketship has works with Team America which are a non-profit organization that helps in getting jobs for college graduates.

Its main focus is usually educating students from humble backgrounds to help bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Moreover, it enrolls students whose main aim is to learn English. Rocketship also launched a program known as Queen Hype, which concentrates on empowering girls communication skills.

Madison Street Capital: Taking on Austin, Texas

They are an award-winning investment bank out of Chicago Illinois. Madison Street Capital is now expanding its successful business to Austin Texas. Texas is no stranger two well-known brands that started in the area such as Whole Foods Market, Dell, Yeti, Dropbox, Apple, and Google. Though Austin has become the best area known for the big tech names, it also houses various businesses of all sizes that are thriving when it comes to conducting business in the location. The landscape is a diverse and robust area for Madison Street capital. As an investment banking firm they provide a primary service in the industry of corporate finance. Their clients are both on a private and public scale when it comes to businesses. CEO Charles Botchway states that Austin has grown steadily over the past years and become a business and technology hub where they want boots on the ground.


He further states that he is a resident of the area and it’s very thrilled to see his company go through another round of growth in his hometown. Botchway goes on to say that having an opportunity to add to the economic growth in this particular location is a great bonus.


Madison Street Capital


The investment bank doesn’t just deal with financial transactions, they also help out when it comes to national disasters. They have continued a working relationship with United Way helping with relief efforts that flow to a dozen states. The United Way and the Midwest and South disaster fund offers food and shelter, emergency assistance and long-term support in terms of recovery, assistance in regaining health and financial stability. Madison Street Capital maintains it strong business relationships inside communities throughout the United States. They have a dedication of philanthropic support when it comes to organizations such as the United Way. The business works tirelessly and helping to make a difference globally and in local communities. They have created a partnership with the United Way of Midwest and south disaster fund in such area as Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana Alabama, Virginia, to name a few.


The Madison Street Capital reputation continues with its impressive team of professionals that have the experience and knowledge to maintain various relationships in the middle market for the investment banking firm. They are also leading when it comes to providing corporate finance and acquisition & mergers along with advice to a list of clients.


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Meet Nick Vertucci, the innovative mind behind NV Real Estate Academy.

Nick Vertucci is a well-known figure in the real estate business. He founded his company, Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. in 2014. The company, through its Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academies, impart knowledge to people on how to go about the real estate investment. It also teaches potential investors how to rehabilitate rented or owned homes, identify the right property and, how to dispose of them at a profit.

The training experience equips the beneficiaries with the necessary skills to weather possible turbulence along the business path. The professional team at the academy offers specific skills on networking, which is valuable to any investor. Nick is the Chief Executive Officer of NVREA. He operates his cooperate office in California.

Nick is a living proof that success is a journey, not a single event. The road to success, he says, is full of challenges. However, these challenges should not make break a person’s will to go on. According to him, the difficulties in life offer the best chance to rearrange one’s goals in life. Nick uses his own experiences in life to mentor others. His first business venture collapsed when he was barely 20. Its collapse left him downcast, riddled in massive debts, bankrupt and court cases to answer. It is until he joined a real estate academy that his life turned around. Today, he has made it big in the real estate industry in the US.

Most people who meet Nick through the NV academies leave the classes as a changed lot. The trainers are passionate and willing to share their experience in the real estate business. They hail NVREA as the Academy of choice to anybody interested in trying out the real estate business. Nick, together with his expert team of trainers, provides vital support even after training. Almost all beneficiaries of the training are now making good money in selling houses.

The Success of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a worldwide leader in food processing. This company is headquartered in Illinois, but it has over 64 factories and facilities in all. These factories and facilities are loaded with some of the most advanced technologies of the 21st century. Otto Kolschwoski, a German-American immigrant, started the company as Otto & Sons back in the early 1900s. This family-owned business consisted of Otto, and his two sons Harry and Arthur. OSI Food Solutions has morphed into a global giant in the food service industry because it offers great services, great foods and great leadership.

This company wouldn’t have been able to withstand the test of time if it hadn’t evolved with the times. This particular food processor has been able to bypass the many obstacles of the food service industry. By doing so, OSI Food Solutions had to incorporate many progressive factors, including unsurpassed food safety, global knowledge of foods and exceptional culinary skill. The vision of its leadership has also helped the company to dodge the pitfalls within this sector of work. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI, brings in 30 years of experience in financing. This man has attained a B.S. in Business from Roosevelt College, and he has worked at his very own finance consulting firm in Chicago.

Sheldon was presented with this exclusive role back in the late 1970s. David McDonald, the president of OSI, has also used his leverage to expand the business. McDonald has been a part of the acquisition process over the past few year in which it has fueled OSI Food Solutions brand overseas. Fritters, onions, tomatoes, pizza, pasta, cheese, flatbread, panini, cookies, pot roast, pulled pork, desserts and many other treats can be ordered directly from this company. In the end, OSI Food Solutions is simply the standard by which all other food processor are measured.

Eric Lefkofsky Opens up about His Life and What Drives Him

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who co-founded Tempus. Tempus is a technology company with an operating system designed to fight cancer. He also took over the reins of Groupon. His days start early and he usually arrives in his office around 6 a.m. He usually commits to a physical workout as well. His typical day is fast, non-stop, and will last 12 hours. Then, it is home to wind down and get ready for the next day.

There used to be a time when he could go home and shut down. These days it is a little bit more difficult to turn off the engine. His company employs 11,000 people in 48 countries. This means there is something that always needs his attention. While his role keeps him busy, he finds it more satisfying to simply focus on one company these days. As an entrepreneur, his experience centered around assisting and overseeing companies that were in a growth stage. At one time, his reach covered up to 70 companies that he involved himself with at some level. To know more about him click here.

At some point early in life, money and success may had been a motivating factor. Millions of people go through these stages early on. However, life changes people. His true mission and love is putting himself in a position to care for cancer patients and those he loves. When a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, Eric Lefkofsky was able to witness the cancer treatment process up close and personal.

Accomplishments include the establishment of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the lives of people in the communities served. He also has affiliations with the Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago’s Art Institute, and the Museum of Science and Industry. He also manages to find time to be Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

His driving force is the knowledge that he can help build something that will change the world in a lasting and positive way. Indeed, a noble dream for anyone to have.

Equities First Holdings Summary Via Wikipedia Data

As the founder of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy boasts quite the feather in his cap. At its core, Equities First Holdings is a financial institution. However, Christy devised EFH with the hopes of providing corporations with alternative modes of financing. In other words, Equities First Holdings specializes in creating “non-purpose financial” solutions while providing unconventional financing services. Together, these two qualities give EFH an exceptional edge. With that said, it comes as no surprise that Equities First Holdings is a powerhouse in the industry. Though EFH is renowned in their domain, their team of financial experts is rather small, with nearly 30 individuals employed at their Indiana headquarters. Additional EFH offices can be found across the globe, spanning from Hong Kong to Australia. Equities First Holdings continues to deliver purpose-driven solutions to those exploring avant-garde financial options. read full article

The World Leading Food Provider: OSI Food Solutions. OSI Foods Solutions is an award-winning food provider. The firm employs modern technology to produce quality products that are fit for human consumption. In 2016, the company received the prestigious Gl

OSI Foods Solutions is an award-winning food provider. The firm employs modern technology to produce quality products that are fit for human consumption. In 2016, the company received the prestigious Globe of Honor Award. The recognition was from the British Safety Council. According to the organizers of the event, the food provider had made good efforts to conserve the environment. The ceremony took place at Drapers’ Hall, London. There were other 17 organizations that also received awards for contributing towards a sustainable environment. The chairperson of the British Safety Council congratulated OSI Food Solutions for winning the award. OSI’s Environmental manager, Kelly Grimwood, received the award on behalf of the firm.

The chief executive of OSI Foods Solutions urged organizations to embrace good leadership as it would lead to better performance. According to him, some firms have put in place laws on environmental conservation but the stakeholders have not been committed to their implementation. The food provider was also awarded in 2013 and 2015. The organization’s UK plant has been operating for more than two decades. The main products of the plant include beef and pork. The main customers come from the hospitality industry. According to the president of the OSI Food Solutions, David McDonald, the acquisition aimed to increase the firm’s market in Europe. The two firms were in a better position to meet the changing needs of the customers.

Baho Food operates in both Germany and the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries serve 18 countries in Europe. According to the agreement between Baho Food and OSI Food Solutions, the management of Baho Food was to remain intact. The leadership of both firms was to work together in the achievement of the common goals. One of the representatives of Baho Food expressed his excitement due to the new partnership. He was optimistic that the two companies would benefit from it. One of the main factors for the consistent growth of OSI food Solutions is the adoption of customer-oriented strategies. The firm values the customers and this has led to the increase in the customer base over the years.