OSI Group: One of the Leading Companies in the Food Processing Industry

OSI Group is among the leading food industries with its activities across the globe. It has a network of food processing plants in most of America, Europe, and Asia.Before its current name- OSI Group- the food processing company began as a small meat retail shop back in Oak Park, Chicago. The founder was a German immigrant who had settled in Chicago in 1907. Two years after settlement, he began the meat business. The business did well where Otto started expanding locally round Chicago within a decade. Later his two sons, Arthur and Harry, joined their father and became partners. Around the same time, McDonald’s was beginning its business under the leadership of Ray Kroc who later bought the original McDonald’s company from Maurice and Richard McDonald.

Ray had agreed with the Otto sons to provide meat products for the restaurant. Since OSI Group, the then Otto & Sons, were the main meat products provider for McDonald’s, anywhere the restaurant would open its branches, OSI Group would too. With the introduction of technology in food preservation in the 1970’s, OSI Industries were able to expand their activities nationally as the McDonald’s grew continually. The company was also enabled by the technology to provide the McDonald’s restaurant network with quality meat products as the restaurant company based its success on delivering quality products for its customers hence its success and rapid growth rate.

It was not until 1975 that Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group, which followed the invitation of Sheldon Lavin to join the company as one of its partners. Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI Industries has continued to rapidly grow to become one of the largest food processing industries in the world. Mergers and acquisitions have played a significant role in helping its expansion. The purchases include Flagship Europe, Baho Food, Amick Farms, a processing plant in Chicago belonging to Tyson Foods, Hynek Schlachthof GmbH and a merger of Turi Foods Pty Ltd. Among the many global Awards OSI Group has achieved is the 2016 Globe of Honour given by the British Safety Council due to the company’s environmental safe keeping efforts.

Why You Should Be Intrigued by Matt Badiali’s Way Of Doing Things

What would you do if your longtime friend gave you a call, asking you to travel to a foreign land to assist him to do something that he has never tried? Your friend has been studying this thing for many years but feels that if you join the league, both of you will be successful. That is what happened to Matt Badiali, a geologist, who by the time of receiving the call, was a lecturer at the North Carolina University.

Who Is Matt Badiali?

Badiali is a geologist. He is an entrepreneur, having started different investments in oil fields, oil wells, agricultural industry, and mining. His financial investments have employed thousands even tens of thousands of people around the world. His view of creating wealth as well as proper saving methods

His first degree in Earth Sciences and later an MA in Geology, both from the Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively have made Matt Badiali what he is today. All over the world, this expert in geology and earth sciences has created many financial and business opportunities for many people. What is more, recently, Badiali came up with a financial investment plan that has worked miracles like no other. Many Americans have immensely benefited from his ‘Freedom Checks’, a financial investment strategy that saw members receive a tune of $34.6 billion in the month of June.

For five years until 2004, Matt Badiali was consumed in books at the University of North Carolina. Here, Matt was working on his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Geology. Just before his graduation in 2004, his longtime friend gave him a call as mentioned earlier. Matt’s friend, a financial expert, wanted him to assist him to do something, which later became an opener to Matt Badiali’s life. This friend too was a Ph.D. holder in finance. He held the view that Badiali was the right man to help him explore and execute certain financial methods in investment. The friend was right.

Over the years, Matt Badiali has looked up to his father, a man with a middle income, which he got from a number of investments that he engaged himself in. Matt has since introduced a newsletter that gives readers tips on how to handle financial investment.

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OSI Food Solutions Purchases and Expands Facilities to Increase Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions has been ramping up their production around the world by purchasing existing plants and expanding their own. These expansions will make it possible for them to meet the growing demand for chicken that has been increasing steadily throughout the last few years. Not only are these expansions taking place in the United States, but also countries like Spain.

The Aurora, Illinois based OSI Food Solutions recently added a considerable expansion to their plant located in Toledo Spain. This will allow them to double the production of their chicken products to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons a year. In addition, it added around 20 new jobs to their existing workforce of 120 people at the plant.

In the countries of Portugal and Spain, demand for chicken has been increasing at a considerable rate in the last decade. This growth is expected to continue for in the foreseeable future which will make OSI Food Solutions primed to handle the demand with their expansion in Toledo, Spain. The building expansion is approximately 22,600 square feet and includes refrigerated rooms, storage, service areas, employee areas, and a manufacturing hall. Additionally, a development kitchen was also built in order to help OSI Food Solutions develop new products that will meet the ever-changing needs of their many customers.

In the United States, OSI Food Solutions made a strategic purchase of the now former Tyson Food plants located near one of their existing plants on the South Side of Chicago. Their purchase of this plant for $7.4 million will help OSI Food Solutions expand their manufacturing capabilities in order to meet the needs of their customers in the United States. Tyson stopped production at the plant as of Fall 2017.

While operating under Tyson, the plant in Chicago manufactured products like chicken, crepes, and soups. OSI Food Solutions is known for their many meat products such as hamburgers, chicken, breakfast foods, and even hot dogs. The former Tyson plant was mainly used to supply food for the hospitality industry while OSI Food Solutions serves both retail brands and food service industry customers such as McDonald’s.


The positive change and tremendous success of InnovaCare are highly credited to Rick Shinto. He thinks that it will expand into markets and will make improvements that will eventually benefit patients.

With over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry, Dr. Richard Shinto is a force to reckon with. In the beginning, he was an intern and worked as a pulmonologist in South California.

He then went on to work as the Vice President of MedPartners. After his service at MedPartners, he became the Senior Medical Officer at Cal Optimal Health Plan situated in Orange County, California.

Dr. Shinto also had a stint as the CMO and operations manager at Pathways Management Company after which he became the senior officer responsible for medical management at NAMM California.

In 2008 Dr. Rick moved to Aveta Incorporated where he was employed as management staff and rose through the ranks to become the Chief Operating Officer until it was eventually sold in 2012.

Throughout his profession, his resume has grown impressively including the writing of numerous articles on clinical medicine and healthcare issues. Presently, Dr. Shinto is the President of health management at InnovaCare Inc. where he was appointed in 2012.

In June 2012, Dr. Shinto received the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. This award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.

Since his appointment, he has been known as one to inspire the very best out of people, and the success InnovaCare has enjoyed is a testament to this.

Dr. Shinto’s partner Penelope Kokkinedes, on the other hand, is well versed in the management of healthcare programs and is well equipped, skill-wise, in the innovation of clinical applications.

She has demonstrated a clear understanding of what it takes to run an organization successfully. With 20 years of experience behind her, Kokkinedes has worked with government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

She was responsible for overseeing the managed care division as the CMO at Centerlight. Before coming to InnovaCare, she had also worked for Touchstone Health as the head of business operations and the United Health’s business unit.

Also, she was the corporate Vice President of care management and disease management divisions at AmeriChoice. She had served at InnovaCare Health as the Chief Operating Officer before being brought back for the second time in June 2015 as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto, Penelope Kokkinedes and others InnovaCare has experienced success in providing cheap and easy to access health services by offering quality plans.