Securus Technologies, A Passion for People and Technology

GovPayNet is a payment processing company that works on behalf of governmental agencies. The company is based in Indiana, serves several thousand agencies, and is over 20 years old. The company brings its experience to Securus Technologies. Securus is based in Texas, has served over 1.2 million inmates, and has worked with thousands of agencies. The company specializes in providing services for correctional facilities. On the internal side, the company provides management software, monitoring services, and much more. The external side includes services to keep inmates in touch with their loved ones. Affordable calling plans, video visitation, messaging, and commissary services are just a sampling of the many offerings.


GovPayNet was acquired to enhance the services Securus Technologies provides. Along with another recent financial services company acquisition of JPay; Securus hopes the companies will be able to get wireless containment systems and other projects to be implemented. WCS is a device that blocks contraband cell phone usage in facilities. This technology is anticipated to make facilities a much safer environment for everyone. Illegal devices have related to many crimes both inside and outside of facilities. The murder of an infant and a former corrections officer being shot inside his own home six times is a result of the dangers present with these devices. The tower used in WCS blocks the signal of the illegal phone from connecting to its network. The project has been reported to be incredibly successful in its testing phase.


Securus Technologies has also made news by becoming accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Improvements in customer service are most likely a reason the BBB scored Securus as an “A+” rated business. While the technological advancements are important and certainly necessary; Securus Technologies remains focused on connecting inmates with their loved ones. Their passion and dedication are being noticed and rewarded because of putting people first.


Which Factors Affect the Wainscoting Installation Cost?

The wainscoting installation cost is not fixed. It depends on many factors, which must be taken into account before you start such projects. From the panels you choose to who will actually install them, every little thing from start to finish will change the final price. No one can really say if such projects are expensive or not. It depends on the project, your requirements, and your decisions.

When it comes to wall renovations, you will have to pay a certain amount of money. What comes for free? The point is to stay on budget and still make your walls impressive. In order to make well-informed decisions, check the main factors that will affect the price.

 How many wainscoting panels will you need?

The size of the space is perhaps the main factor, which affects the cost of installing modern wainscoting. It’s one thing covering all the walls in the house and a different thing lining panels in one kitchen wall. What to consider:

  • How many walls you want to cover with the flat panel
  • What’s the size of these walls
  • How tall wainscoting will be
  • Whether the wainscoting will cover the lower part of the wall or the entire surface (floor to ceiling)

Classic wainscoting made of wood is perhaps the most expensive choice. The price per square foot might drop if you get panels made of MDF or PVC. Wood wainscoting prices vary too with cherry being the most expensive option. When you are considering materials, also take into account the following:

You might be ready to pay the price for wood wainscots but do you really need such panels? For example, if you are planning to install wainscoting in the basement or bathroom, you don’t have to spend more and risk damage due to increased moisture. And then again, it has to do with the size of space you are about to cover. If you only want to wainscot one living room wall, you might decide to spend more on a more expensive option. But if you need to wainscot all walls in the house, you can choose a more cost-effective wainscoting solution.

Don’t forget to check the cost variations among wainscoting profiles. Although the material is the main cost determinant, whether you choose beadboard or recessed panels might also make a difference.

DIY or professional wainscoting installation?

There is no doubt that hiring a professional to install the new flat panel wainscoting is more expensive than if you would install it yourself. But that’s only if you are an experienced handyman. Although you should consider the labor cost for the installation of the panels, don’t forget that you might make mistakes and thus might need to purchase more materials than you actually need. Alex Mouldings offered modern designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

On top of that, consider that installing wainscoting is not easy, especially if you get wood panels. They might contract and expand depending on temperatures, or not cut & installed correctly risking the outcome of your project. And lastly, you will need time to get the project done. As an overall, it’s cheaper to install the panels yourself but be prepared to take risks and devote time.

Will you paint over?

Don’t forget the painting work you will need. Whether you install a flat or raised wainscoting, you also need to freshen up the walls. So chances are that your project will involve painting at least the upper part of the wall – over the wainscoting. Also, add the expense of painting the wainscoting – if you wish to do so.

Want cost-effective wainscoting solutions?

Of course, if your budget doesn’t allow you to proceed with such projects, you can always install faux wainscoting panels. So instead of getting the whole kit of panels, baseboards, and chair rails, you simply get the chair rail and line it horizontally on the wall. For more effective results, the project will still involve painting the wall below and over the molding. But this will be much cheaper than installing the panels and having the wall painted.

So, it’s all about choices, space size, and personal budget. In order to get the job done correctly, it’s always preferable to hire a pro. They can consult you on materials and designs and will do the installation right. But make sure to ask details about labor cost – will the price involve removing the existing panel and cleaning up after the work? Before you decide, it’s best to get offers and take it from there.

Michael Lacey: a Fellow Mathematician

Michael Lacey is known around the world in the mathematical community for his work on harmonic analysis that has earned his department and himself hundreds of thousands in grants and contracts, but to his students, he is known as a mentor and a guide to success in the field of mathematics.

Banach spaces, or completed normalized vector, were the topic of his doctorates thesis with his own mentor Walter Philipp when he earned his Doctorates of Philosophy in Mathematics from the University of Illinois in 1987. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Much of his work since graduation has been on the ergodic theory as well as probability, harmonic analysis has been the main focus of his career though. Harmonic analysis has a wide range of uses and is the representation of functions as superimposed basic waves.

Since becoming a Full Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2001, he has mentored several students including some of the top Assistant Professors in his department.

For his efforts in mentoring assistant professors, he was honored with the Georgia Tech National Science Foundation ADVANCE Mentoring Award in 2012. 10 of the people he has mentored were post-doctorates while many have gone on to leading industry jobs. In addition to mentoring, he also directs National Science Foundation training grants which provide financial assistance to students at all college levels to continue their studies and research.

These awards are known as the VIGRE and the MCTP and these awards have paid for years of post-doctoral studies.

Michael Lacey began his career at Georgia Tech in 1996 as an Associate Professor before advancing to Full Professor, prior to this he maintained an Assistant Professor Position at Indiana University’s School of Mathematics in Bloomington.

It was here that he was awarded the National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowships, the first of many fellowships he would earn during his career.

Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

How Troy McQuagge Intends to Achieve the US Health Group Targets

The US Health Group is an insurance holding firm. It is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. The organization strives to provide a cheaper and affordable medical scheme to many middle and low-income earners. Some of the target population include small scale traders and the ones under self-employment program. The group seeks to harness knowledge, skills, and expertise of their employees. The main aim is to offer a superior client service in every aspect of the unit operations.

The US Health Group is an insurance consortium that aims to deliver a better and decent life to its members. Currently, the group has Troy McQuagge as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Troy has had a dream and passion for the insurance industry. As a CEO, he holds a wealth of experience that he has gained for the past 30 years in various leadership forums and in organizations where he has worked. It is his passion to ensure that the venture is always profitable.

Due to his impeccable performance at the US Health Group, Troy has earned himself various awards and trophies. He has been able to ensure and facilitate a smooth working environment in the organization. The firm sees this and does not fail to reward him when the opportune time comes. In this regard, he will be receiving an award that focuses on the role that he has played in introducing new products, excellent marketing skills and professionalism in his communication patterns. Learn more at about US Health Group.

Troy has overseen various activities in the organization. He has practically seen the firm raise on quite a high trajectory. In the last five years, business has been booming on the team, translating to huge profit margins. Since taking over the management of the insurance firm, its share prices have increased value by over 1500 percent. The level of success that this insurance group experience is characterized by his inclusive style of leadership and management.

The Company has delegated the functions of strategic growth and profitability expectations to the CEO. Troy appreciates the fact that he cannot be able to achieve these results especially if he were to act on his own. He knows that the best way to get people to do what you want them to do is by including them in the decision-making process. In this way, they will own the resolutions that they pass and by so doing implementation becomes smooth. He has practiced this skill for the last three years, and it has delivered great results. More information can be found at