Securus Technologies Secures Prisons Around the World

Securus Technologies is a social entrepreneurship business that uses its products to fix all humanity issues here in the United States of America. Though they have been in existence since 1986, the company has seen recent success in promoting the products they have created which stop contraband cell phones within the penitentiaries.


At first, somebody may ask, “What do contraband cell phones have to do with humanitarian needs?” The answer is very simple really. The leading cause of injury and death within correctional facilities is inmate on inmate crime. One of the things that facilitates inmate on inmate crime is the use of contraband cell phones within the penitentiary. These contraband cell phones allow inmates to plan their attacks in league with their friends before they even happen.


Securus Technologies decided that they would stop inmate on inmate crime by creating a technology known as Cell Defender. Cell Defender was created precisely to locate contraband cell phones and then search the phone for any past or current text messages, past or current phone calls, and search within the voicemail. This capability of searching a phone at a distance allows wardens and security guards to detect and eliminate attacks before they occur.


One warden went on record to state that he saw violence in his facility decreased by 80% just two months after using Cell Defender. He would go on to state that the inmates are scared to use their cell phones for fear that the security guards will come and take them away.


Another product that Securus Technologies uses is Wireless Containment Solutions. Since many cell phones today do not need a plan to use Wi-Fi, and inmates were using social media to plan attacks, Securus Technologies created a product that could shut down the cell phone’s internet capabilities.


Betsy DeVos Uses Classical Wisdom to Guide Her

Betsy DeVos serves as the role model that America’s young girls desperately need. Today, the girls look up to pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Taylor Swift. These women do not serve as good role models. They promote sexual promiscuity, slander, malice, gossip, and public vengeance. You can look into the lives of our young girls and see this dark influence upon their hearts. However, Betsy DeVos does not promote any of these things, in fact, she promotes the characteristics that make people strong and productive citizens.


Betsy DeVos shows why every young girl should start well in their younger years and lay a good foundation during their time at school. Betsy had the privilege of attending school at the Holland Christian High School in her hometown of Holland, Michigan. She also would receive a business economics degree from her Alma Mater, Calvin College. These would be the springboard she needed to advance in life. While a strong foundation does not guarantee success for our young girls, it certainly increases their chance of making a difference in this dark world.


Betsy DeVos also shows why young girls should promote and advocate for their values. Today, young girls follow their pop star role models and just take to Twitter and Facebook to complain. Rather than blatting, they should go out there and change things. Betsy did this by joining the Republican Party and serving in office. Betsy served as the Republican National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997 for the Michigan district and as the Chairwoman of the Republican Party from 1996 to 2000, again, for the Michigan district.


Betsy DeVos landed the ultimate position she needed to advocate her values when she became the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. In this position, she could advocate for school vouchers, school choice, and even charter schools.

Betsy DeVos also shows why young girls should be generous. These first two values, starting well and getting active, made Betsy rich.


Wealth is frowned upon today by many people since many people don’t have it. What the lower class does not understand is that the wealthy give most of their money away. This is certainly true of Betsy DeVos, who through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that she started with her husband, has given away $139 million to worthy causes.


It is at this last point of being generous that we want to linger. The DeVos foundation has done more the promote goodness in our country than President Obama ever did. Betsy knows that society is built on five Judeo Christian and Greek virtues, and these are the virtues she strengthens through her foundation.


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Hussain Sajwani Relishes The Challenge Of Working With Global Business And Political Leaders

The rise of Hussain Sajwani and his DAMAC Properties company has taken many around the world by surprise but not those who have followed the rise of this United Arab Emirates based business leader closely. Hussain Sajwani first arrived in the United Arab Emirates as a financial specialist with a dream of working in the oil and gas exploration industry; soon after beginning work in this industry, Hussain Sajwani spotted a gap in the market for food services companies providing meals close to the drilling sites companies were creating. Eventually, the food services company he created would serve the U.S. military during the Iraq Wars and lead to him receiving an award for his work during the conflicts.Learn more:


Never an entrepreneur to sit still and wait for the next business deal to arrive at his table, Hussain Sajwani set out to expand his business interests with the development of a chain of mid-market hotels. Sajwani identified the new democracy of the states of the former Soviet Union as an area where tourists were looking for new areas for a vacation and were looking towards areas of the Middle East for their top destinations which required the creation of new hotels to keep up with demand.


DAMAC Properties would eventually be born in the early 2000s when Hussain Sajwani set out to develop luxury real estate properties in Dubai after a change in the law allowed non-citizens to own property in the city. Since this time the DAMAC owner has become known for the luxurious nature of his luxury developments which became famous for the offer of a luxury Bentley car for every buyer of his apartments. The success he has achieved in developing luxury real estate has allowed Hussain Sajwani to become a business partner of members of the UAE Royal Family and U.S. President Donald Trump. The development of Trump-branded golf courses in and around Dubai has led to the profile of Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties being raised around the world.

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